Scan Review RX

Scan Quality

Please be sure to check all scans prior to submitting your case. nSequence will also check, but you will avoid unnecessary frustrations if your scan is checked prior to upload.

Scan field of view: make sure no part of the desired arch to be treatment planned is cut off, no patient movement, and scan appliance was used (RRD or existing dentures with markers, etc.)

Scan resolution: Minimum of 0.3voxel is recommended. The smaller the number the better (ex: 0.2, 0.1, etc.)

Scan format: Please send all files in DICOM format.

nSequence Scan Review

Scan reviews include 15 minute maximum consultation session to discuss feasibility of case treatment and possible ideal prosthetic options.

$100/arch will be charged for this scan review.

nSequence Scan Review

Failure to submit necessary records will result in delays to your case.

Patient Identification

Billing Doctor Details

The case will be entirely billed to this doctor

Treatment Plan Information