nSq Guided Prosthetics

All components described below are patented by nSequence and unauthorized use of the patent or fabrication of products are prohibited. [patent #61/784,029, #61/800,987]

bfgsampleBone Reduction

The bone reduction guide allows easy leveling of the plane for proper vertical height of the “implant table”. The reduction guide is designed with three fixation positions and at least three landing areas for optimal stability and support. The key here is to make sure the bone reduction seats properly on bone. The rest of the case hinges on the fit of this guide on to the bone. A bite against the opposing may also be created to confirm positioning of reduction guide.





sgsampleImplant Surgical Guide

The implant surgical guide is then stacked on the bone reduction (bone foundation guide). The two fit together like Lego pieces and are secured by counter-shaping mating components. Optimal accuracy and stability is established by having one solid common foundation; which in this method, the bone foundation guide.







The ‘Bone Foundation Guide’ is a comprehensive solution for the “All on 4 or more” fixed hybrid technique that eliminates the arduous freehand denture conversion process during implant surgery. The nSq Guided Prosthetic system utilizes a unique surgical and prosthetic approach for bone reduction, surgical guide, and long term provisional or final prosthetic at time of implant surgery. The patented stackable system consists of the bone reduction guide, surgical guide, prosthetic positioning jig, and long-term provisional or final prosthetics.





Surgical Guide Pricing

  • Difficulty Level
  • Planning session
  • Includes shipping
  • Tissue Model
  • Immediate Provisional
  • Bone reduction guide

1-3 Implants


  • Simple

4-8 Implants


All on X (4-6)


  • Advance

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Virtual Diagnostic Wax Up

Virtual Wax Up

Evolve the way you do wax up. Now, more than ever before, you can have complete control over the desired restorative treatment plan. You can have multiple options for treatment, allow the patients to see the planning, and also fabricate temporaries from the approved treatment plan.

Key advantages:

  1. Complete control over design and approval process through online webmeeting.
  2. Multiple options of treatment can be saved for patient approval prior to fabrication.
  3. Design is custom tailored to every patient.
  4. Capable of virtually simulating excursive movements, adding or subtracting vertical dimension, and even virtual crown lengthening.
  5. Delivery of suck-down appliances for prep-guiding, putty matrices if temporaries are to be made chair-side, or even pre-fabricated temporaries.


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