nSequence Guided Prosthetics® Demo Kit

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Our demo kits will include the following:

  • One arch nSequence Guided Prosthetics® (PMMA Bridge + Titanium reinforcement)
  • Opposing digitally printed model
  • Implant parts (additional charge from implant manufacturer):
    • Dummy Implants (Analogs if dummy implants are not available)
    • Guided Implant mounts
    • Multi-unit abutments
    • Temporary cylinders
    • Screws
  • All patented nSequence fabricated lab components
  • Mounted on plates for articulators of your choice: SAM III, Artex, or Panadent
  • All packaged in sealed hard-shell case cover
nSequence Guided Prosthetics® Demo Kit

nSequence Guided Prosthetics® Demo Kit

Demo kits are designed to deliver the nSequence® Guided Prosthetics™ product into the hands of clinicians and patients. These kits provide crucial hands-on perspective and experience to the approach and design. Order these demo kits today for case presentation or for your next hands-on courses!

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