We have been very satisfied with the planning and design support, innovation, fabrication and implementation of the surgically generated surgical guides, bone reduction guides, and sophisticated provisional restorations. All aspects of these services have been handled with considerable skill and professionalism. The attention to detail, including the administrative staff, as well as the entire technical support team have been consistently impressive. The desire to grow and work in partnership towards the pursuit of the ideal outcome has made this working relationship a real pleasure and asset to our practice. The transition to using this exciting technology in our day to day treatment, has been greatly facilitated by the experienced, helpful and highly committed team at nSequence.

Dr Norm IckertImplant DentistryIckert Dental CenterLangley, British Columbia

What a great pleasure it has been to work with nSequence. I have been pampered with their knowledge and expertise for the past 4 years. Their quality of service and products can not be matched by their competitors, especially their anatomical model.

Dr Rodrigo RomanoPeriodontistSouth Miami, Florida

The skilled and professional staff at nSequence helped me tremendously in doing my first guided implant case. Since then working with their expertise and quality has developed my skills to the point I’m now teaching other doctors. Their work and technicians are unsurpassed.

Dr Dwight SimpsonGeneral DentistJackson, California

I have found nSequence 3D implant surgery guides to be consistent, reliable, and accurate.  The interactive technical analysis considers all aspects of prosthetic  driven implant treatment planning including prosthetic space, soft tissue, bone quality and volume, esthetics,and dentofacial characteristics. The nSequence process offers the implantologist a predictable method of complete implant case planning, from the scan,to the surgery, to placement of the final restoration. Fewer surprises and better results, that is why I use nSequence for my complex implant cases.

Dr Matthew LarkDDS MAGD Master ICOIToledo, Ohio

nSequence has far exceeded my expectations as a dental lab and consultant for placement of implants. They have helped us utilize and implement cone beam technology in our practice. We recently placed a hybrid implant supported maxillary denture with 6 implants, the technicians at nSequence helped us plan the surgery and provided a detailed step by step guide to place the implants, temporary abutments and prosthesis, the procedure went without event and the patient thrilled with the result. I was very impressed with the detail of the lab work and precision which all the components fit. I have also done many single and multiple implant tooth replacement procedures utilizing nSequence surgical guides and implant planning services; all of which has help us place many implants in minutes with great results.

Dr Joe FerraroGeneral DentistWausau, Wisconsin

I heard about nSequence from my partners so I decided to call them and go check out the facility in Reno. Daniel and Armand were so hospitable and showed me the entire lab. This dental lab is a state of the art lab and I felt great with their clinical expertise as well. I have since done numerous surgical cases with nSequence. I absolutely love their customer service and I know that they are just a phone call away. Thank you nSequence for making my work so enjoyable!

Dr Nidhi JainPeriodontistSacramento, California

I was first introduced to nSequence by a retiring colleague. He was in the middle of a very interesting and complex implant case when I first started working with him in his office. First and foremost I was impressed with Daniel. He possesses an amazing level of knowledgeable and he is highly motivated. Based on my initial impression of Daniel I decided to work with him on a couple extensive implant rehabilitations. We have now worked together for almost two years. In the two years we have successfully completed over 20 complex implant cases and I haven’t regretted one minute of it. Daniel and his whole team are great to work. They are always willing to listen and discuss any my concerns and recommendations. I’ve tried to refer as many of colleagues to work with them as I can as a direct result of the experiences I’ve had with them.

Dr Michael Lynn GurneyProsthodontistBoise, Idaho

Working with nSequence has proved to be very reassuring in the process of implant placement.Prior to doing a surgical guide the amount of stress I experienced in accomplishing a correct orientation was always anxiety provoking! With the use of the nSequence surgical guide the anxiety has been replaced with complete assurance. It is a real joy to take that post-op snapshot and see the implant correctly positioned between the adjacent teeth with equal amount of bone on each side. Thanks to nSequence for now making this procedure one that is actually enjoyable!

Dr Glenda PayasGeneral Dentist, DMD, MAGDTulsa, Oklahoma

nSequence Dental laboratory is always on the cusp of leading edge technology. Combined with excellent customer service and meticulous attention to detail,this is your ‘GoTo’ lab for guided implant surgery,occlusion appliances, and restorative fixed and removable dentistry. They are a team with a mission and it shows

Dr Donald ReidGeneral Dentist, TMJ/OcclusionTruckee, California

I have been using nSequence for nearly five years, and I am extremely pleased. I have tried other labs for CT-generated surgical guides, and I have compared those side-by-side with ones make by nSequence. I have found nSequence to be the most accurate and consistant. When accuracy is crucial, nSequence delivers!

Dr Alex TomaichOral-Maxillofacial SurgeonDavis, California

I would like to thank the entire team at nSequence for their devotion and professional attention during the planning of my guided implant surgery cases. The team is detail oriented, proficient in their knowledge, and efficient in the delivery of their product. The nSequence team have been courteous and sincere in communication, and very approachable when in need.

Dr Constantin FarahPeriodontistCanton, Ohio

As an endodontist, I realized that I needed superior lab support for CT guided implant placement and nSequence far exceeded my expectations. I have been using nSequence for several years now for all of my implant cases from planning to placement. The need for custom appliances has been eliminated with the use their radiographic repositioning device (RRD) during preop CT scans. Their expert knowledge and preparation for our GotoMeeting sessions makes it quick and easy to virtually position and place the implant, which produces predictable results. The Supplementary Guidance Kit has taken all of the guesswork for precise placement of the implant in all 3 axis. I am thrilled with the precision fit of your custom abutments and crowns. Thank you so much for all of you help. I could not have made the transition into implant dentistry without your support.

Dr Catherine HebertEndodontistMandeville, Louisiana